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General Meetings

​The JPAPWS holds four to five general meetings per year. In addition to the agenda and reports, we also provide opportunities for presentations on topics by members and invited speakers.

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Fiscal Year 2023

​5th General Meeting

March 11, 2024(Hybrid)


1. Energy Process Research Institute (EPRI), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

      Sanehiro Muromachi(AIST)

2. Revealing the hidden dynamics of confined water in acrylate polymers: Insights from hydrogen-bond lifetime analysis

      Kokoro Shikata(Osaka University)

​4th General Meeting

January 30, 2024​(Hybrid)


1. Retro-technology, Electric Thermal Energy Storage realizes economic de-carbonized society

      Toru Okazaki(The Institute of Applied Energy)

2. Molecular dynamics study on the surface structure of alcohol-water mixture

      Mayu Hirose(University of Toyama), Tatsuya Ishiyama(University of Toyama)

​3rd General Meeting

December 7, 2023  (Hybrid)


1. Hydrogen damage in a power boiler - Correlations between damage distribution and thermal-hydraulic properties

      Taro Ichihara (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power IDS, Ltd.)

​2nd General Meeting

July 25, 2023  (Hybrid)


1. NMR analysis of hydrothermal reactions of ethylamine and octylamine

      Ken Yoshida (Tokushima University)

2. Comparison of experimental and calculated ionization constants for subcritical/supercritical water

      Masaru Nakahara (Kyoto University), Ken Yoshida (Tokushima Unviersity)

3. Present status of the absolute density measurements for sea-water

      Yohei Kayukawa (AIST)​

1st General Meeting

May 30, 2023​(Hybrid)


1. Research background and the current status of the JPAPWS research grant: Thermodynamic properties evaluation on metastable state for heavy water

  Yohei Kayukawa(AIST)​

Fiscal Year 2022

4th General Meeting

March 20, 2023​(Hybrid)


1. Innovative Next-Generation Reactors and Hydrogen Production Technology toward Carbon Neutrality

  Takeshi Matsuo(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)​

3nd General Meeting

January 27, 2023​(Hybrid)


1. Global Trends for Film-forming Corrosion Inhibitors in Water-steam Cycle  

      Shuichi Tachibana (Aquas Co., Ltd.)


2nd General Meeting

October 21, 2022​(Online)


1. Hydrogen Damage in Power Boiler: A Study of Damage Selectivity and Conditions

  Taro Ichihara (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power IDS, Ltd.)

2. Strategies to improve criteria on steam for steam turbine

  Shin-ichi Terada ​(Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)

3. Crystal Growth of Urea and Its Modulation by Additives as Analyzed by All-Atom MD Simulation and Free-Energy Calculation

  Nobuyuki Matubayasi (Osaka University)​

4. Research Trends and Issues Concerning Film-Forming Amines

  Ken Yoshida (Tokushima University)​

1st General Meeting

May 31, 2022(Online)


1. Radiation chemistry in reactor water of boiling water reactors

  Youichi Wada(Hitachi, Ltd.)

2. Status of Geothermal Power Generation in the World

  Shigeto Yamada(Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.)​​

Fiscal Year 2021

5th General Meeting

March 30, 2022​(Online)


1. Variations in the amount of water vapor and precipitation and its predictions for future climate

  Mikiko Fujita (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)

2. Concentration behavior of Impurities in High-pressure, Intermediate-pressure and Low-pressure Turbines of Thermal Power Plants

  Hideo Hirano (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, retired)​​

1. 沸騰水型原子炉冷却水での放射線化学

  和田 陽一(日立製作所)

2. 世界の地熱発電の現況と動向

  山田 茂登(富士電機)​​

4th General Meeting

January 26, 2022​(Online)


1. Measurement of Specific Heat of Fluid

  Noboru Kagawa(National Defense Academy)

2. Thermophysical property measurements (vapor-liquid equilibrium property, liquid density, and critical point)

  Hiroyuki Miyamoto(Toyama Prefectural University)​​

3rd General Meeting

November 26, 2021​(Online)


1. The Outline of the Revision of “JIS B8223:2021, Boiler Feed Water, Boiler Water and Steam Quality”

  Sen-ichi Tsubakizaki (Chair of Subcommittee on Thermal Power Plant Water Quality Management Project of Thermal)​​

2nd General Meeting

July 27, 2021(Online)


1. Molecular dynamics study of transport, structure, and spectroscopy at liquid interfaces

  Tatsuya Ishiyama (Universitiy of Toyama)

2. Estimation of Ammonia Distribution coefficient in Heat Recovery Steam Generator of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plants

  Yuta Nakatsuchi (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)​​

1st General Meeting

May 25, 2021​(Online)


​1. Molecular Simulation of Vapor-Liquid Nucleation

   Kenji Yasuoka (Keio University)

Fiscal Year 2020

4th General Meeting

March 29, 2021​(Online)


1. A white paper drafting several issues of geothermal plants - IAPWS task group

​  Nobuo Okita (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

3rd General Meeting

January 29, 2021​(Online)


1.Water-Polymer Interactions Analyzed by All-Atom MD Simulations: Fugaku Supercomputer Project toward Material Design

​  Nobuyuki Matubayasi (Osaka University)

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